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The Art of the Drum Solo with Eric LaPerna of Okbari

The Art of the Drum Solo with Eric LaPerna 
(a workshop for hand percussionists)

Eric LaPerna
Registration is now open!

Date: October 11, 2014
10:30am - 2:00pm

Location:   Bright Star World Dance, 
108 High Street, 2nd Floor
Portland, ME

Cost:   $90 (register before September 1st)
$105 (after September 1st)

Payment plans are available!


Led by Eric LaPerna of Okbari, this workshop for hand percussionists takes the mystery out of playing the belly dance drum solo.

Participants will learn how to create a drum solo by fusing together the most popular dance rhythms in three different drum solo forms in a way that is easy to understand for both the drummer and the dancer. 

Mr. LaPerna will also cover how to ornament the individual rhythms that comprise a drum solo as well as drum solo improvisation.

The workshop is open to intermediate hand percussionists and is limited to 10 participants. Participants must bring their own instruments.  

The workshop runs for three hours with a half hour break for lunch.  

Eric LaPerna:

Eric LaPerna is a classically trained Arabic percussionist.  During his 27 years of playing hand percussion he studied the iqa'at (rhythmic modes) Riqq, Tabla and Duff with master Palestinian drummer Michel Merhej and Turkish, Armenian and Greek rhythmic systems with Alan Sharvarsh Bardezbanian. 

Mr. LaPerna is the Director of the Bowdoin College Middle Eastern Music Ensemble, and is a member of the Applied Music Faculty at Bates College as well as adjunct instructor of hand percussion at Bowdoin College.  He is a member of  Okbari and also plays with Alhan, Zapion and The Ensalada Early Music Ensemble.

Drum Solo Workshop with Eric LaPerna

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