Monday, June 5, 2017

Why Was My Performance Video Removed From YouTube?

Date:  July 6th, 5:30 – 7:00pm

Location: Bright Star World Dance
                 108 High Street, 3rd Floor
                 Portland Maine

Cost: $10 in advance (closed)/$15 at the door (register below)

It is a common problem.  You have a video recording of a performance you are proud of.  You post the video to YouTube or Facebook, only to have it removed for a copyright violation a few hours later.  Yet a dancer who performed at the same show posted her video and it has had no issues at all.

What happened?

This workshop for dancers and other performers will help answer questions such as…

·       What are music rights and why are they important?

·       What is the difference between private use, public performance and using a piece of music in a video?

·       Why are some videos allowed to remain on YouTube and why are others taken down?

·       Is there a way to find out in advance how YouTube may treat a video?

·                  ·       How to navigate the YouTube copyright dispute process.

The workshop will include real world examples and a demonstration of how to use YouTube’s music database.  Students are encouraged to bring a piece of music they are considering performing to. 
A question and answer period will follow the presentation.

Note:  The information presented in this workshop is an overview only and is in no way intended to replace the legal advice that could be obtained by engaging the services of an attorney. 

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