Saturday, August 26, 2017

Joie Grandbois: Creatrix on Patreon

I create art in a variety of mediums: dance, words, music, fiber and more.  I see any creation as a collaboration between myself and the medium I am working with and often bring multiple mediums together in one piece; word and movement, dance and paint, weaving and music.  I seek to connect deeply with what I call deep center or voice, and to create from that place.  

I am also a teacher and community builder. A big part of why I have created a Patreon page is to help support the work that I do in assisting others to find and connect with their creative voice. I believe that all of us have an authentic creative voice and that everyone, regardless of economic circumstances, should have the opportunity to connect with that voice.  I work to keep my classes as affordable as possible and to work with students who need financial assistance.

I also see to create opportunities for community connection through creative events, seasonal celebrations and educational forums. 

Many hours of work go into both creating art and the curriculum for my classes.  The product, the work of art or the class, are what is seen but there are dozens of hours behind the scenes to create these offerings. There are also instruments, studio space, technology support, and so much more that must be paid for.  The cost of an admission ticket or a class fee is often not equal to the number of hours, effort or material costs that go into creating a piece or a class. 

Those who lend their support via Patreon will have access to video updates, behind the scenes footage of works in progress, discounts on classes and tickets, and more.  Also, for any monthly contribution of $100 or more I will pass $5 along to another Patreon artist because I love supporting artists too! 

Thank you for your support and I look forward to sharing with you!  You can find my Patreon Page Here.

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