Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Heretica: Creative Movment

When: Tuesdays, 6:45-7:45pm
             Six Week session
             New Session - April 17
Cost:    $60 per full session (no drop-in)/$75 day of (full session only, no drop-ins)

Location:  Bright Star World Dance, Portland, Maine

Heretica comes from the Greek word hairetikós, "one who is able to choose."  Drawing from a variety of contemporary dance styles as well as authentic movement and deep improvisation, Heretica is deep exploration of movement that assists dancers and other movement artists in connecting with the why of movement.  In knowing why we move, we can better determine how we choose to move. 

Heretica utilizes techniques such as guided physical meditation, silent improvisation, group rhythmic exploration and theatrical movement, to aid students in creating physical expressions of emotion through movement and foster a seamless connection between mind and body; thought and action. The class is conducted to live music.

Optional out of class exercises that will help students build their movement practice at home will also be offered. Students who participate in any full session may be eligible to join the Heretica Student Troupe in  the fall of 2018.

The structure of the six week course is such that each class builds upon the other.  Students should plan to attend all six classes. 

You will want to wear comfortable clothing that allows for freedom of movement.  You may also want to bring a notebook and a water bottle.

Students of all movement backgrounds are welcome to join the class.  Students should have a solid foundation in their particular movement/dance style.

In order to facilitate free exploration we seek to create a safe space for all types of dancers and movement artists to explore creative expression.  The class is open to all genders and movement forms.  Students should have a solid foundation in their particular movement/dance form.

Note: The studio is located on the third floor of an older building that does not have an elevator.

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