Sunday, March 29, 2020

Mental Health Day

I did not write a blog post yesterday.

I wanted to.  I intended to.  But in the end I was just feeling tired, overwhelmed by the news, and was sad over the thought of how long it will be before I can see my sweetie again.

I tried to work for a bit to catch up on some of the things that fell to the wayside over the last two weeks while my brain has been preoccupied by all things coronavirus related.  But I only manged a few hours.

I watch several episodes of Criminal Minds.

I cooked dinner for my housemates and myself.

I worked on art for an hour.

I did a load of towels.

I checked in with my body.

I cried.

I didn't intend to take a mental health day, but that is what happened.


Be well.
Take care of yourself.
Take care of one another.
Stay home as much as possible.
Be kind.
Let those you love know how you feel.
And of course, please wash your hands. 

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