Sunday, March 22, 2020

Procrastination, gratitude, and doing the best we can...

I am very grateful for my sweet kitteh, Miss Pickles

I have procrastinated in writing today’s post. 

Last night, in an up moment, I decided that for today’s post I’d write a list of the things I was grateful for. This morning when I woke up, I thought that writing such a list and sharing in publicly might be insensitive. There are so many who are suffering and struggling right now.  I wondered if I should write one at all, even if I kept it private because it seemed like it might be an exercise in denial. 

This was followed by a conversation with myself about how keeping my spirits up was a good thing.  Thinking about the good things that are happening now and the positives that may come out of this might disrupt the simmering white noise of catastrophe anxiety that I am carrying around. Disrupting my anxiety response is better for my immune system and certainly for my mental health. 

I also promised myself, when I started writing daily again, that I’d be honest about my emotions. ALL of them. 

And then I had the realization that none of us really know how to deal with this situation. We’ve not experienced something like this in over a century.  We are all freaking out a little. Maybe doing anything that doesn’t make the situation worse is okay. 

So here goes...

I am grateful for having this blog as an outlet, and way of connecting to others.
I am grateful for living with caring people.
I am very grateful for my kitty, Miss Pickles.
I am grateful for all the kindnesses I’ve witnessed or read about over the past week.
I am grateful for technology and how it has allowed so many of us to stay connected. 

Our world has been disrupted. We are all trying to reorient ourselves and find some sense of normalcy. 

I am doing the best I can.  You probably are too.  

Be well.
Take care of yourself.  
Take care of one another. 
Stay home as much as possible.
Be kind.
Let those you love know how you feel.
And of course, please wash your hands


  1. Thank you. I especially felt your love for Miss Pickles.

  2. I especially felt your love and gratitude for Miss Pickles. Thank you