Monday, March 30, 2020

Something to look forward to...

Work in progresss

This weekend I resumed work on a neglected art project. I had been looking at it much of the past week, sitting there on my craft table.  I wanted to work on it but kept finding excuses not to.  

When I had begun working on the project its inspiration was the three words I chose as a focus for 2020 – vulnerability, resilience, open.  In the past couple of weeks, each time I considered continuing the work I was met with the thought that working on a piece of personal art seemed so frivolous when the future of everything seems so uncertain. 

To be honest, this has been an internal argument that I encounter nearly any time I feel inspired to start a new creative project. I have a difficult time allowing my creative desires to be important (I’ll save the details of why I struggle with this for another blog post or my therapist). Our current pandemic adds a whole other layer of internal resistance…

There was, thankfully, another voice in my internal debate that told me that now was a perfect time to work an art project; working on it would provide a much-needed mental health break.  Not to mention the words I chose for this year, long before I’d heard of the coronavirus, are probably three of the most apt words I could have chosen.  But the final thought was that I really needed to be focused on something in the future.

I don’t know how the pandemic will impact my employment in the coming months.  I don’t know how long we will have to wait before gathering in large enough groups for a live performance show is a feasible thing.  There are so may future things that are reliant on the actions of others in the outside world that planning ahead for many things seems futile, but there is no such restriction on making art. Particularly art where the primary intended audience is me. 

Saturday night I sat down and worked on it for an hour.  Sunday night a couple of hours more.  

I am already pondering what bit of it I will work on tonight. 

It feels good to be looking forward to something.

Be well.
Take care of yourself.
Take care of one another.
Stay home as much as possible.
Be kind.
Let those you love know how you feel.
And of course, please wash your hands.

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