Sunday, November 28, 2021

Broken hope...

I grew up believing real systemic change was possible. I don't believe that anymore. 

I used to think that maybe one day we'd have this cultural defining moment that would change us. I stopped believing that about 15 years ago.

Then I thought that maybe the theory of the arc of change bending towards justice however slowly as true and held that close. Sometime in the last year I stopped believing that too. 

I used to believe that it was so clear why we needed to reach out to one another, why we needed to see, care for, and support "the least of us." 

As a kid I heard the stories of the loaves and fishes and thought it was right that someone who could produce abundance like Jesus supposedly could, would also feel compelled to share it with those who did not. The message was so clear to me...

It is the pandemic that has pushed me over the edge from denial to letting go. If there was any event in my lived history that could have, should have, broken through our hyper-individualism it was all of us facing a common fear.  But it didn't. 

Instead it just highlighted how deeply embedded the myth of hyper individualistic solitary self-sufficiency has become in our world; at least here in the United States. 

And it is here that my hope broke. 

I don't think we can break that myth.  

We have managed to demonize human connection. 

We have framed compassion as weakness. 

We have placed our individual wants over the needs of the suffering, 

And we have made convenience the scale on which we weigh our actions.  


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