Monday, January 13, 2014

Theatrical Belly Dance - Winter 2014

Date:        Thursdays, 7:30 PM
                 2/20 – 4/17 (eight classes - no class 3/13)

Cost:         $70 full session/$10 drop in

Location:  Bright Star World Dance
                 108 High Street, Portland, Maine

Theatrical belly dance blends the emotion, drama and storytelling of the theater with the beautifully passionate and expressive art of belly dance. By connecting emotion with movement through a combination of dance drills and improvisational theater exercises the dancer discovers, and learns to express, her creative voice.

In each class students will explore movement to both recorded and live music with an emphasis on improvisation. Classes begin with a centering exercise and warm-up drills followed by a class focus. Topics covered include:

  • emotional movement
  • rhythm exploration
  • musicality
  • theatrical improvisation
  • choreography
  • character
  • and more
The classes are open to any dance student who has taken a minimum of at least one full session of belly dance classes.

Each individual brings their own history and personal story to the dance. In recognition of this we seek to create a safe space for students to explore, and step beyond, the current boundaries of their dance.


Theatrical Belly Dance - Winter/Spring

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