Sunday, May 18, 2014

Belly Beat Basics: (Workshop Cancelled)

“You demystified the drum solo!” - workshop participant, M.P. 

What:  Belly Beat Basics: An Introduction to Rhythm and Creative Dance Improvisation

When: Cancelled

Where: City Lights Theater
             231 Broadway
             Farmington, ME

Cost:  $45 early registration discount (valid through June 1st)
             $50 after June 1 

Performing to live music can be intimidating, performing to live music that is improvisational can seem terrifying. But it doesn’t have to be this way! In our Belly Beat Basics introductory workshop dancers will learn Middle Eastern rhythm basics, gain comfort with live music and learn how to creatively improvise to a drum solo.

The class includes an introduction to rhythm with an overview of instrumentation and a study of four common Middle Eastern rhythms. Dancers will learn how to take the rhythm from the mind and into the body with dance combinations that can be used in practice and performance as well as how to craft their own combinations!

Exercises in stage presence and how to overcome stage fright will aid dancers in creating a greater level of comfort with performance in any setting as we move into drum solo structure. Dancers will learn how to move on and between the beats, how to anticipate what is coming next and how to create emotional connection with the audience. And of course that all important skill, how to communicate with your drummer!

Students will also receive a CD with the four rhythms covered in the workshop and a short drum solo to practice to at home!

While this is an introductory workshop students are expected to have taken at least one session of belly dance classes or have a basic understanding of belly dance movement. In order to facilitate free exploration we seek to create a safe space for all types of dancers to explore creative expression. Mistakes are not only expected, but encouraged.

All genders are welcome.

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