Friday, December 23, 2016

February 4th, Burlington VT - The Other Side of Dance

Date: February 4, 2107 - 11:00 - 12:30

Location: Swan Dojo, 19 Church Street, Burlington, VT

I am delighted to present one of my favorite workshops, Deep Improvisation, co-taught with musician Stephen Carpenter.  This is our first time bringing this workshop to Vermont.  I hope you will join us in this exploration of the connection between movement and the deep self.  

Deep Improvisation

Improvisational dance can be a tool not only for performance, but also for exploring our deeper self and connecting with our subconscious.  Cultivating this connection can aid dancers in bringing greater emotional depth and conscious voice to their dance, and build a bridge between the intentions of the mind and the movement of the body.  

Using guided physical meditation and improvisational exercises we will transform our dance into deep emotional expression in the moment. Students will explore rhythmic physical storytelling as well as energetic and emotional projection.  How to use utilize these techniques in one’s dance practice and in performance will also be covered in the workshop so that students may continue to explore.  

The workshop is conducted to live improvisational music provided by musician Stephen Carpenter.  

In order to facilitate free exploration we seek to create a safe space for all types of dancers to explore creative expression.  Classes are open to students who have at least one session of dance classes or have a basic understanding of dance movement.

Students should dress in a manner suitable for a wide range of movement.  A notebook and water bottle may also prove useful.

Cost:  $50 single workshop/$45 if co-registering for Shamanic Embodiment with Pia Louise Capaldi 

Shamanic Embodiment:

Focusing on internal exploration and external expression, attendees will learn to develop a new understanding of their individual creative energy and process. This experience will inspire its participants to explore their own creative language through guided shamanic journey and dream state, as well as carefully selected movement and dance exercises tailored to promote healthy energetic creative practices. In a supportive atmosphere, attendees will tactfully learn how to connect with spirit guides and tap into their own abundant energy reservoir in order to radiate a harmonious, energetic and abundant presence.

Cost:  $40 single workshop/$35 if co-registering for Deep Improvisation with Joie Grandbois

To register please visit the workshop page HERE.

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