Friday, February 16, 2018

Video Blog: A Year of Embodiment Week 3

After watching this video I thought to myself, "I can't possibly share this.  I've no make up on, I look tired...what was I thinking?"  But then I watched again and realized that, just as I say in the video, this is where I am right now.  This is me, authentically in this moment.  So, here I am - as I am.

This week I share some thoughts on just what an embodiment practice is and how it has benefited me over the years - even before I knew what it was.  I also share a short body check in and some information on upcoming events.

Also my apologies for the delay, I was asked to fill in for a sick dancer at a show last night and it did not leave me time to edit and render the video.  Next week will be on time.  Until then, peace.

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