Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Ten Ways to Support Your Local Artists and Creators

Joie Grandbois
There is a lot of talk about supporting local artists.  We all think we should, we know it is a good thing, but we can't always afford tickets to show, to buy a piece of artwork, or attend a workshop.  So what you can you that will help your local artists and creators but not break your wallet if things are financially tight?

1. Like/follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc:  If your favorite band, dancer, or artist has a social media page take the time to like it.  If you want to go one step further you can share their page with your friends along with a few words about why you think they are awesome.

2. Like and comment on posts:  Does a post for a class or a show/exhibition that your favorite artist is a part of come up on your feed?  See an awesome YouTube video that they posted?  Like it and add a comment.  This helps to boost it in the feed so that others will see it as well.

3. Invite friends to their events:  If you see an event that you can't attend but a friend might be interested, send them an invite.  It means more when it comes from a friend who they know and it again helps increase the visibility of the artist's page.

4. Write a short review:  If you attended a show or just really like the artist, write a short review of why you like their work and send it to them.  It doesn't have to be long or the worlds greatest paragraph of support, but a testimonial from you that they can share helps them show others that real people like their work and it will also help make them feel good too.  Knowing people like their work really helps keep the creative fires going.

5.  Support their Patreon page:  Many artists have Patreon pages to support their work.  This can be a critical source of ongoing funding for their projects and creations.  Most artists have options as low as $2 a month to support their work and that usually entitles you to some pretty cool perks that they share only with patrons.  Once you decide to support an artist, be sure to share their Patreon page with others to help spread the word.

6. Totally broke?  Share their Patreon page: If you can't support their page then share it with others along with a few words about why you would if you weren't currently existing on instant ramen and lentils at the moment.  And of course, if things turn around...take a moment to go back and offer your support.

7. Recommend them to local event organizers:  Do you have an awesome music/theater/dance /art festival that happens in your town and you really think your favorite band/theater group/dance collective should be a part of it, contact the organizers.  A local person recommending an artist shows the organizers that there is local interest in them and that they will likely sell more tickets.

8. Follow them on Spotify and other music services  Okay, this one is pretty much for bands and podcast creators, but if you are an independent artist, getting noticed on these platforms is not always easy.  The more fans that seek them out and show their support the better for them.

9. Sign up for their mailing list:  This is probably the best way to keep in touch with your favorite artists.  Social media algorithms change constantly and it can be a bit of a crapshoot which posts will appear in  your feed.   A newsletter allows the artist to send their newsletter right to your inbox so you won't miss a thing.  Plus it feels really good when you get that little notification that someone new has signed up!

10. When you aren't so broke, show up:  If things turn around and times are not so tight.  Buy a ticket to a show once in a while and bring a friend!

Do you have some other ideas on how to help your favorite local artists?  Please share them in the comments!  Thank you. 

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