Monday, February 24, 2020

I don't feel well, now what?

Today I do not feel well.  I've had a cold for most of a week now, one that seemed to fade after the first two days only to reemerge over the weekend.  My sinuses are stuffed up, I'm starting to develop a cough, and I am so darn tired.  It takes so much energy for the body to heal itself and the exhaustion this causes is what truly threatens to take me down.

This is a time when I'd tell anyone else that they need to stop and let their body rest.  I'd say, "You need to honor your body's need to rest." 

And then we'd commiserate about how we live in a culture that does not allow room for rest, or healing, or honoring our bodies' needs. 

Like most of us I have deadlines to meet.  I have clients who need work done.  And, like most of us, I have limited sick time available.  So what will I do today?  A day when my body is screaming for rest but I have things that need to get done?

The best I can.

I am lucky that I not only work from home, but I can set my own schedule.  This is a luxury that most of the population doesn't have.  I can work for an hour, and rest for an hour.  I can reschedule any meetings or appointments outside the house (and I have).  I have a well stocked cupboard (another thing that is a luxury, but shouldn't have to be) filled with medicinal teas and nutritious food.  I, thankfully, have enough money in the bank that I was able to go to the drug store this morning to pick up the few things I didn't have. 

I will do the best I can. 

But the fact is that none of us should have to do "the best we can."  We all should be able to stay home on days we are sick, to allow our bodies to get the rest they need, to heal, and of course to keep from spreading the germs to others. 

I do hope that one day "the best we can," means the best care, and rest, for all of us.

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