Monday, July 18, 2016

Drum, Drills & Improv Skills

Photo by J. Reece
When: September 6th - December 6th
Tuesdays, 6:45PM - 7:45PM

Where: Bright Star World Dance
108 High Street, 3rd Floor
Portland, Maine

How does one become comfortable performing to live music?

The best way is to do it as much as possible! This weekly one hour class focuses on belly dance technique and form but with a twist, every class includes 1 - 3 musicians playing live music, including rhythm, melody and drum solo improvisation!

This on-going class will provide students with the opportunity to increase their dance technique and endurance as well as gaining a comfort level dancing to live music.  Intended for dancers with at least two sessions of belly dance under their hip scarves, each class includes a warm-up, drills, improvisation session and cool down.   

Students will also be provided information on the music and rhythms played in class.  

Bring comfortable clothes that allow for a range of movement, you may want to dress in layers as we will sweat, sweat, sweat!  A water bottle and yoga mat are also recommended.  


Drop in: $20
Five class card: $80 (1 free class)
Ten class card: $150 (2 free classes)

**Why does this class cost more than Joie’s regular classes?  Without the musicians to play the music for us this class would not be possible.  The extra class fee is to help compensate them for their time and effort in providing us with this wonderful opportunity.

Drum, Drills & Improv Skills

Form & Flow: Theatrical Belly Dance Troupe Preparation Session

When: Thursdays, 5:30 - 6:30PM, August 11th - September 1st (4 classes)

Where: Bright Star World Dance
108 High Street, 3rd Floor
Portland, Maine

Cost: $50 for the full session (no drop-in)

This four week session will prepare students for participation in a newly forming theatrical bellydance student troupe.  Each class in the session will focus on a different aspect of theatrical dance:

August 11: Emotive movement
August 18: Character creation
August 25: Choreography
September 1: Improvisation

This class is open to intermediate to advanced belly dance students who are interested in joining the new theatrical belly dance troupe led by Joie Grandbois.  Students who participate in the full session will be eligible to join the troupe forming in September.  

Each class includes a warm-up with drills, theatrical dance exercises and cool down. You will want to wear comfortable clothing that allows for freedom of movement. You may also want to bring a notebook and a water bottle.

Student Troupe Information

Fall session: September 8th - December 1st, 5:30 - 6:30pm (no class on Thanksgiving)

Are you looking for opportunities to perform, have fun and engage in some creative collaboration?  

The troupe will bring together students who wish to continue to polish their performance technique, expand their theatrical skills and take advantage of performance opportunities in the area.  Students who join will be expected to attend classes/rehearsals regularly.  This is a teaching troupe; students will be provided ongoing dance instruction and critique as well as working on choreographies intended for future performances.  

Performances are rooted in the dance technique and style of belly dance, but will include storytelling, emotive movement and creative improvisation.  Performances may include live or recorded music.  

Bring comfortable clothing that allows for a range of movement.  A water bottle, notebook and yoga mat are also recommended.  

Troupe cost: $120/full session (no drop-in) - payment plans available

Students will be sent an invoice after receiving approval to join.

Form & Flow: Theatrical Dance Troupe Prep Class