Tuesday, January 22, 2019

What is Heretica?

Heretica comes from the Greek word heretikos, which means one who is able to choose. It was the name I chose initially for the student troupe I direct, which created choreography using the techniques outlined below, and eventually came to be used for the form of dance instruction I offer.

Heretica is not rooted in any one dance form.  Stylistically it is could be seen as a blend of contemporary dance forms with some influence from the Middle Eastern dance I have studied for the past twelve years.  But it is not the style of movement that sets Heretica apart; it is instead the way that movement and dance is taught to dancers.

Heretica is as much about learning why we move as it is how we move. Utilizing techniques such as authentic movement, meditation, silent improvisation, group rhythmic exploration, theatrical improvisation, as well as instruction in dance technique, students begin to foster a seamless connection between mind and body; thought and action.  By learning how they relate to their bodies and how their bodies move through the world, students become free to create physical expressions of emotion, build stories through movement, and share more of themselves in their dance. 

When we come to understand the connection between our bodies, our minds, and our spirits - the better we embody ourselves and the concept of Heretica.  

We become those who are able to choose. 

Friday, December 21, 2018

February 23rd - Whose Is Ths Song - Film Screening

Date:  February 23rd, 7:00PM

Venue: Flourish Arts, 140 Main Street, Biddeford, ME

Cost:  $10 Advance/$15 door (Tips for the band are welcomed and encouraged) 

 PURCHASE TICKETS (available December 28th)

I am beyond excited to bring Adela Peeva's "Whose Is This Song," a documentary that explores the origin of the song many of us know as Uskadar, to Flourish-Arts as Sacred Healing in Biddeford for a special screening on February 9th.

I'm also very happy to share that following the film there will be a special musical performance featuring music from the regions explored in the film including, of course, the song Uskadar.

Tickets for this special showing will go on sale December 28th!

"In her search for the true origins of a haunting melody, the filmmaker travels to Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia, Serbia and Bulgaria. The trip is filled with humor, suspense, tragedy, and surprise as each country's citizens passionately claim the song to be their own and can even furnish elaborate histories for its origins.

The tune emerges again and again in different forms: as a love song, a religious hymn, a revolutionary anthem, and even a military march. The powerful emotions and stubborn nationalism raised by one song seem at times comical and other times, eerily telling. In a region besieged by ethnic hatred and war, what begins as a light-hearted investigation ends as a sociological and historical exploration of the deep misunderstandings between the people of the Balkans."


Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Magician, Trauma, and Change

A couple of weeks ago I talked about how The Fool can represent us before life steps in an starts to mold us. We are not born good or bad - we are born totally neutral and it is our life experience that makes us feel unlovable, or unworthy.

When we look at the Magician, the next card in the progression of the Major Arcana, we see a figure with a variety of tools. Tools that they are learning to master. When we are children trying to navigate through trauma we often develop tools (aka coping mechanisms) to help us deal with it.

Unfortunately when we carry these tools into adulthood our mastery of them can actually cause us harm. But the good news is...we don't have keep using them. We can create new tools now...

Please note that I am not a therapist. The tarot is a tool like any other and can be a very healing one, but if you are working on deep rooted traumatic issues I don't recommend navigating through them alone. The help of a trained therapist is often needed.

If you would like to support my art and my healing work 
please consider making a pledge on my Patreon Page.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Video tarot readings make great gifts!

Are you looking for a fun gift to give this holiday season?  How about a video tarot reading with Joie?

I have been reading tarot for over 30 years.  I love that it allows me to help people to connect with the hidden parts of themselves and to recognize the patterns that flow through their lives.  Readings can be general such as an overview of a current situation or the coming year, or they can be question specific, such as whether a relationship or new job might work out.

Scheduling a reading in person was not always easy, but with advances in technology I am able to offer readings to even more people, at more convenient times, and offer a few other benefits too!

A gift certificate for a one hour online reading includes:
  • A one hour long reading via Zoom video call which allows the recipient to schedule the reading when it is convenient for them, and in the privacy of their own home while still having personal, face to face interaction. 
  • They will receive a photo of the card layout from their reading.
  • A written summary of the reading along with some suggested meditations or affirmations that will help them move through the issues raised in the reading. 
  • A coupon for $10 off their next reading. 
And, in thanks for your generosity I'll also give each person who buys a gift certificate by  December 15th a free 15 minute online reading!**

Please be sure to include your name and email address for your free 15 minute reading!

2018 Tarot Gift Certificate
Your Name
Your Email Address

**Purchase must be made by December 15th.  One free 15-minute reading per purchaser.  Free reading is good for one year from date of gift certificate purchase. 

Sunday, November 25, 2018

2019 Contemplative Dance & Authentic Movement

When:  Sundays, 4:00 – 5:30 (Next introductory session February 24th)

Where: Bright Star World Dance, 108 High Street, 3rd Flr, Portland, Maine

Cost:  $15 Intro session*/$20 drop in/$80 five session card**

We gather in circle.  Pause.  Take a breath together.  Step back with open arms to honor the space in which we move.  The chime rings and we begin. Each finding our place in the room.  Eyes closed, waiting to move or be moved. 

I’d like to invite you to the practice of Contemplative Dance and Authentic Movement -  a kind of moving meditation -  an exploration of yourself, your body, and space done in the presence of a witness.  It is used by some as a spiritual practice to create a connection between the body and spirit.   It can also be a creative fountain that removes your creative blocks and unearths new creative material.  And it can be a healing tool that helps you bridge the gap between the conscious and unconscious.

Each 90-minute session includes a guided movement warmup, a movement session, plus time for creative forming/journaling and sharing of experience.  

For those unfamiliar with the practice or who would like to reconnect with it, there will be an introductory session on  February 24th which will include an overview of the history of the practice, the role  of mover and witness, and of course, movement sessions to begin to experience the practice yourself. This introductory session is $15.

Those who attend regular sessions should have attended an introductory session or have experience with the practice of Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement

You will want to wear comfortable clothing that allows for freedom of movement.  You may also want to bring a notebook or journal, and a water bottle.  

Students of all movement backgrounds are welcome. 

In order to facilitate free exploration, we seek to create a safe space for all types of dancers and movement artists to explore creative expression.  The class is open to all genders 18 or older. 

*$15 price is for the introductory session only. 
**Five session cards are good for one year from date of issue.  

This venue is not mobility accessible.

Contemplative Dance & Authentic Movement

Heretica: Dance Foundations

When: Thursdays, 5:30 - 6:30PM, January 10 – February 21 (Seven Weeks)

Cost: $70 Advanced Registration/$90 Day Of (full session only – no dropins)

Where:  Bright Star World Dance, 108 High Street, 3rd Flr, Portland, ME

 Are you seeking a dance class that strengthens your spirit as well as your body?

Heretica: Dance Foundations is a class that provides the structure of an ongoing dance class, with the freedom to explore how your body wants to move. Drawing from a variety of contemporary dance styles, authentic movement, and deep improvisation this class is a seven-week movement exploration.

With class warmups that improve strength and flexibility; exploratory dance exercises to help you foster a seamless connection between mind and body; and cool downs that leave you centered and grounded, this class is your bridge between inspiration and movement.

Plus, each week you will be offered optional out of class exercises that will help you build your movement practice at home.

You will want to wear comfortable clothing that allows for freedom of movement. You may also want to bring a notebook or journal, and a water bottle.

Students of all movement backgrounds and levels are welcome to join the class.

In order to facilitate free exploration we seek to create a safe space for all types of dancers and movement artists to explore creative expression. The class is open to all genders and movement forms.

Heretica: Dance Foundations
Student Name

2019 Beginner Belly Dance at Flourish Arts As Sacred Healing

Date: Wednesdays - 6:30 - 7:30PM  (beginning January 9, 2019)

Cost: $15 drop in/$60 for six class card

Location:  Flourish-Arts, 140 Main Street, Biddeford, Maine

Learn the expressive and beautiful art of belly dance in this ongoing beginner belly dance class. You'll learn the foundational movements of the dance, how to combine the movements to create improvised, flowing dances, and be introduced to the music and rhythms that surround this beautiful dance form.

Joie teaches dance from an embodiment perspective, students will learn not only how a movement should look, but how it feels in the body. She seeks to create a safe and welcoming space for student to explore movement and dance. Classes are conducted to live music.

Belly dance is suitable for all body types and the class is open to all genders. No prior dance experience is required.

You will want to bring clothing that is comfortable to move in (layers are wonderful), a water bottle, and a willingness to learn!

Class Card