Tuesday, January 22, 2019

What is Heretica?

Heretica comes from the Greek word heretikos, which means one who is able to choose. It was the name I chose initially for the student troupe I direct, which created choreography using the techniques outlined below, and eventually came to be used for the form of dance instruction I offer.

Heretica is not rooted in any one dance form.  Stylistically it is could be seen as a blend of contemporary dance forms with some influence from the Middle Eastern dance I have studied for the past twelve years.  But it is not the style of movement that sets Heretica apart; it is instead the way that movement and dance is taught to dancers.

Heretica is as much about learning why we move as it is how we move. Utilizing techniques such as authentic movement, meditation, silent improvisation, group rhythmic exploration, theatrical improvisation, as well as instruction in dance technique, students begin to foster a seamless connection between mind and body; thought and action.  By learning how they relate to their bodies and how their bodies move through the world, students become free to create physical expressions of emotion, build stories through movement, and share more of themselves in their dance. 

When we come to understand the connection between our bodies, our minds, and our spirits - the better we embody ourselves and the concept of Heretica.  

We become those who are able to choose.  

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