About Joie

The Storyteller.

Dancer, choreographer, musician, writer…storyteller. Whether she is using the medium of dance, rhythm or words Joie seeks to bring to life the character present in a creative work.

A lifelong dancer Joie entered the world of belly dance through the side door of raqs gothique (gothic belly dance) after falling in love with its dramatic storytelling nature. Since then she has studied the more traditional cabaret and Turkish styles of the dance which only made her fall more deeply in love with the art form. She finds her inspiration in stories from mythology and folklore, as well as personal transformation. While she can be very dramatic in her performances she often brings a sense of humor to the stage.

She is a student of Middle Eastern drumming, specifically the riqq, and has a love of playing the zills. She is the founder and director of the street vaudeville performance troupe Dark Follies which formed in 2008. She teaches and performs around New England with Dark Follies and as a solo artist.

As a fibre artist she works with predominantly reclaimed and renewable materials. Whether a hat, a bridal veil, rug or a belly dance hip scarf, every piece has its own story; its own history. With 25 years of crochet and sewing experience Joie believes in creating items that are as unique and beautiful as they are useful. Art with a purpose.

Joie’s writing endeavors began at the age of nine when she first began to keep a journal. Her personal essays and poetry have been sporadically published and she currently writes a blog “Spinster Jane” which chronicles her life as a woman who chooses to remain unmarried.